Husqvarna 701 Svartpilen STYLE



The SVARTPILEN 701 is simple, raw, authentic and thrilling to ride. Its design captures some of the original spirit that originally made motorcycling great, and that still fuels the imagination of riders today. Its flat track-inspired design exudes a timeless appeal that will continue to stand the test of time. Riding this powerful single-cylinder street explorer is an experience that recaptures the excitement of those first sparks of inspiration, while its SIMPLE. PROGRESSIVE. design is a paradox that challenges the status quo of motorcycling. 

The SVARTPILEN 701 STYLE Edition features all that of the standard svartpilen 701 along with a striking bronze colour scheme, the motorcycle also comes with the following accessories as standard

  • Spoked Wheels
  • Dropped Mirrors
  • CNC Footpegs
  • Aluminium tank badges, Pill shaped

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