Husqvarna Factory Cylinder Head With Variable Combustion Chamber


The factory cylinder heads with variable combustion chamber are a must for every racer.

The aluminium alloys and optimised combustion chamber shapes employed ensure the best possible heat dissipation.

This has a positive effect on power delivery and reduces material wear in the combustion chamber and on the piston.

Replacement of the whole head is now no longer necessary - simply put in a new combustion chamber insert and off you go again.

To increase the performance of your bike even further, we recommend combining factory cylinder heads with the following parts.

- Factory spark plug.

- Factory digital box.

- Factory silencer.

IMPORTANT: The carburettor jets must be matched with the selected combustion chamber insert and the model year of your vehicle (e.g. selected combustion chamber insert = type Motocross, vehicle = TE 250 MY 14 --> appropriate carburettor jets = TC 250 MY 14).

Carburettor jets on 250cc and 300cc models are identical! When using the "EXTREME" combustion chamber insert, the TC carburettor jets of your vehicle model year must always be selected.

Detailed information about carburettor jets is available from your KTM dealer.

Without combustion chamber insert. Material: Aluminium