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WP-TRAX Shock Absorbers are the most innovative shock absorbers on the market. The TRAX unit is a very compact system in the bottom mounting fork of the shock, which significantly improves the grip of the rear wheel. This system has been successfully implemented by the Factory Racing department and many world championship titles prove how effective it is. The TRAX system has been developed in order to reduce the time frame after bump where acceleration is not possible because of the slow rebound on the rear wheel. The TRAX system registers when the rear wheel has no ground contact and immediately opens an oil bypass so that the rebound can expand faster than is possible with a conventional system. The WP competition shock is the only racing shock absorber to be 100% custom made by the manufacturer. They are developed with the cooperation of the current World Championship and works riders and the latest racing know-how provides a steady information flow to be used for future production.
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